U.S. Rep Chuck Fleischmann says there is a lack of knowledge of what goes on in Oak Ridge.

Paddlock_ButtonOak Ridge was a secret city during World War II when it was developing components for the atom bomb.

But a group from the Chattanooga area last week eyed ways to unlock the vast technology and resources of Oak Ridge National Lab and Y-12 National Security Complex. The aim is to leverage those into business ventures and other money-making opportunities.

“There is something really, really big going on here,” said Tom Rogers, ORNL’s director of industrial partnerships and economic development.

Still, it’s not easy tapping into ORNL and Y-12, some say.

Wayne Cropp, the Chattanooga Enterprise Center’s executive director, said getting technology out of Oak Ridge is difficult. That’s one of the reasons the economic development group helped put together the daylong trip by about 50 business and political leaders to ORNL and Y-12.

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Source: Mike Pare | Chattanooga Times Free Press | May 5, 2013