Source: TrakLok International | Release | April 5, 2016

TrakLok International reaches 25 country milestone

TrakLok International LLC, a firm specializing in trailer and container security, has reached a major milestone in protecting international cargo. TrakLok customers have used the TrakLok system to protect cargo shipments in 25 countries. A recent shipment of mining equipment was originated by truck in South Africa, transferred by boat up the western coast of Africa, and then successfully delivered by truck to a mining operation in Sierra Leone.

According to FBI reports, Cargo theft is estimated be to as much as $30 billion dollars in losses every year. The FBI estimates that the average trailer carries between $12,000 – $3 Million in cargo. Depending on the commodity and cargo journey, these products can become a target to criminal organizations. To combat this theft the TrakLok system has secured shipments in and across North and South America, Northern and Southern Europe, across Africa, and throughout Asia. The TrakLok system, equipped with Satellite communications, has protected shipments as far north as Alaska and as far south as South Africa.

“Whether you are responsible for commercial shipments or need to maintain FDA compliant cargo, the TrakLog web portal gives you global visibility of your company’s assets, including location, integrity and exception information in real time,” Tom Mann, President of TrakLok stated. “We are proud of our customer’s confidence in our security platform and look forward to continuing to grow our international footprint.”

About TrakLok LLC.
 TrakLok International LLC represents the merger of a cargo security company and a wireless design firm to create a robust and intelligent cargo security system. Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, the TrakLok® cargo security system includes: a hardened lock that withstands prying, cutting, or impact tools; an integrated alarm that sends alerts for unauthorized attempts to access cargo; and a GPS tracking system with a cloud-based Web portal that allows access to realtime information on location and cargo integrity. For more information, please go to