A new Gallup poll has concluded that even left-leaning Americans fear the state more. But does that really clarify anything?

Artful_Line_Graph_SmallIn a widely cited poll, Gallup has found that when asked whether big government, big business, or big labor will be the biggest threat to the country in the future, Americans fear big government the most: 64 percent of respondents answered “big government,” while 26 percent said “big business.”

Says the writeup:
Almost half of Democrats now say big government is the biggest threat to the nation, more than say so about big business, and far more than were concerned about big government in March 2009. The 32% of Democrats concerned about big government at that time — shortly after President Obama took office — was down significantly from a reading in 2006, when George W. Bush was president. By contrast, 82% of Republicans and 64% of independents today view big government as the biggest threat, slightly higher percentages than Gallup found in 2009.

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Source: Conor Friedersdorf | The Atlantic