The Y-12 National Security Complex recently received state and national awards recognizing its environmental stewardship.

Y-12-MaroonThe Y-12 National Security Complex, whose expertise in uranium is a key component of the National Nuclear Security Administration’s nuclear security enterprise, recently received state and national awards recognizing its environmental stewardship.

The Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry honored B&W Y-12 in October at its 28th Annual Tennessee Chamber Environmental Conference. The company picked up two awards: one for its replacement of a coal-fired steam plant with a new natural gas plant, and the other for the creation of a sustainability and stewardship program that has resulted in an avoidance of 16,251,580 kilograms (more than 35,828,570 pounds) of industrial waste and saved more than $2,588,050. The latter award was the prestigious Environmental Excellence Award. Two certificates of achievement also were given to Y-12 for chemical and electronic waste cleanups.

The Department of Energy’s Environmental Sustainability Star (EStar) program also recently recognized Y-12 with its prestigious award. The complex received an EStar award for the site’s overall philosophy of having Pollution Prevention activities at the heart of the Sustainability and Stewardship Program.

Also this year, B&W Y-12 received the Silver Award for the Federal Electronic Challenge (FEC). The FEC is a partnership program that encourages federal facilities and agencies to purchase greener electronic products, reduce impacts of electronic products during use, and manage obsolete electronics in an environmentally safe way. The site achieved the Bronze level award last year and is planning on meeting Gold-level award requirements for the coming year.

Source: B&W Y-12 Public Affiars
Photo: Y-12 National Security Complex