Source: Atomic Heritage Foundation Newsletter | March 2, 2016

Manhatan projectIn anticipation of the new Manhattan Project National Historical Park, over the last several years the Atomic Heritage Foundation (ATH) has created a website called Ranger in Your Pocket ( designed for audio/visual tours of the Manhattan Project sites. Visitors can create self-guided tours at the sites on their smartphones and tablets, or enjoy being an armchair tourist online.

The stories of the Manhattan Project are told by the participants. Listening to their voices makes the history immediate and compelling. Starting with Hanford, we now have over 120 vignettes for the B Reactor and other aspects of Hanford’s history. In January, the ATH launched a beta version of our “Ranger in Your Pocket” program on Los Alamos with 15 vignettes. Over the next year they plan to complete the Los Alamos program and begin one for Oak Ridge, TN.

The National Park Service believes that interpretation of the new park should include the full scope of the Manhattan Project’s history, not just the three official sites. Accordingly, the ATH hopes to create “Ranger in Your Pocket” programs for the other important Manhattan Project sites.

Ernest O. Lawrence, Enrico Fermi and I. I. Rabi (above, left to right) would certainly insist that the contributions of the University of California-Berkeley, University of Chicago, and Columbia University be recognized. After all, who designed Oak Ridge’s Y-12 Calutrons, the gaseous diffusion process used in the K-25 plant, and Hanford’s reactors? The entire project was a great work of collaboration.