What’s the state of manufacturing in America today? Optimistic.

Yellow_Hardhat_CroppedWhat’s the state of manufacturing in America today? “Dull, dirty, and dangerous” are the words that first come to the minds of students at University of Michigan, says manufacturer Art Kracke, vice president of R&D and business development at ATI Allvac and a man who repeatedly asks the difficult question.

But the four panelists of the session titled “Advanced Manufacturing: Made in America…Again?” — of whom he was one — would disagree.

All spoke positively about America’s manufacturing base and optimistically, too, about its future. Strong intellectual property rights, access to capital, access to talent (especially entrepreneurial talent) — all of these constitute notches in the belt of US manufacturing. So-called “Advanced Manufacturing” is not just the future of creating things in the US, they say. It’s the present.

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Source: Laura Zax | The Atlantic