Source: Exchange Monitor | Wayne Barber | February 7, 2020

While Amentum is a new company, it is far from a new face doing business for government nuclear and environmental agencies, a senior executive said Tuesday.

The former AECOM Management Services division officially became Amentum on Jan. 31 with the closure of the $2.4 billion sale to affiliates of New York-based investment firms Lindsay Goldberg and American Securities LLC.

“We are not a small upstart,” Executive Vice President and General Manager for Nuclear and Environment Mark Whitney told Nuclear Security & Deterrence Monitor by telephone as Amentum started its second full business day as an independent company.

“We did start yesterday from a position of strength,” Whitney said. “We are a $4 billion company” and a major government contractor from day one.

Amentum is a Greek word for a leather strap used to propel a javelin straighter, farther, and faster.

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