Travel Taste + Tour Calls Oak Ridge, A Thriving “Secret City”

Oak Ridge has become a small city with big-city amenities ranging from a highly successful civic music association, a notable playhouse, a world-renowned rowing venue, five excellent museums, and the Manhattan Project National Historical Park. Oak Ridge’s outdoor activities have become so popular that they attract visitors from all across the southeast.

Strategic Vision is Roadmap to Greater EM Success

EM’s Strategic Vision 2021-2031 should be considered a roadmap for even greater success in the cleanup program, EM Acting Assistant Secretary William “Ike” White told more than 180 community stakeholders, members of intergovernmental groups, and others during an interactive virtual meeting May 6. Planned accomplishments over the next decade will not only reduce environmental risks and liability but will also demonstrate that EM has the ability to tackle the challenge, White noted during the meeting.

Changing What is Possible in Fusion Drives ORNL’s FERMI Project

Oak Ridge National Laboratory expertise in fission and fusion has come together to form a new collaboration, the Fusion Energy Reactor Models Integrator, or FERMI, which aims to apply a suite of predictive simulation platforms originally created for fission nuclear reactors to the challenges of designing the first generation of fusion reactors.

TVA and Kairos Power to Collaborate on Low-Power Demonstration Reactor

The Tennessee Valley Authority and Kairos Power have announced plans to collaborate on deploying a low-power demonstration reactor at the East Tennessee Technology Park in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. As part of this agreement, TVA will provide engineering, operations, and licensing support to help Kairos Power deploy its low-power demonstration reactor, named Hermes.

DOE Awards IACMI $1.5M Grant for South Appalachian Coal Resources Technology

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded IACMI $1.5 million to develop and deploy new technologies for manufacturing critical minerals and valuable non-fuel, carbon-based products from coal resources in the South Appalachian Basin of east Tennessee, northwest Georgia and northern Alabama.