Source: Knox News Sentinel | | June 17, 2020

The Oak Ridge Institute, in partnership with the University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, announced today a $20 million federal grant designed to make the institute one of the world’s premier research centers

The grant from the Department of Energy is the foundation of $100 million the institute is seeking to raise from public and private contributors.

The Oak Ridge Institute will focus on advancing research in several areas, including materials science, artificial intelligence and data sciences. It will expand graduate programs at UT and create more opportunities for UT students and faculty to conduct groundbreaking research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

The funding is a direct result of efforts by Sen. Lamar Alexander, who outlined in the latest appropriations bill a competitive process for securing the federal dollars for workforce training. The training had to be centered on a partnership between labs that had a connection to a land grant research university, like UT.


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