The year-end budget impasse is being felt already in 2014.

American_ClockThe White House recently confirmed that it has deliberately slowed preparations for President Barack Obama’s fiscal 2014 budget until it has a better fix on the current talks with Republicans in Congress.

The customary late November pass-backs from the Office of Management and Budget—telling federal agencies what resources they can expect to get in the the president’s request—have been put on hold. “Yes. OMB has held off on pass-backs to agencies to determine if adjustments will be needed based on the current negotiations,” an administration official said after asked about the delay.

The likely result is the 2014 budget itself will also be later—possibly slipping into March when a stop gap spending bill to keep the government running for the current fiscal year is also slated to expire.

At one level, the self-imposed pause by OMB makes sense given that so much is up in the air right now. But it also shows how disruptive the impasse has become, sending out ripples that impact a wider circle of government.

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Source: David Rogers | Politico