DOE Announces Contract Award to RSI EnTech, LLC

In March, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) awarded the Office of Legacy Management (LM) support contract to RSI EnTech, LLC, in Oak Ridge, TN. This is an Indefinite-Delivery Indefinite-Quantity contract under which firm-fixed-price, time and materials, and/or Cost Reimbursement task orders may be issued for performance nationwide. Historically, this requirement has been serviced by approximately 470 contractor personnel at a cost of $366 million during a period of performance of five years. The IDIQ period of performance for the new contract is five years from 2020 through 2025.

The Quest for Next-Generation Nuclear Fuels

In Part 1 of this series, published in the March 2020 issue, POWER explored how existing reactors may leverage advances in nuclear fuel to boost power generation safety and economics. This installment surveys nuclear fuel developments that may support the emerging fleet of advanced nuclear reactors, including small modular reactors and microreactors.

Opinion: For a Robust Recovery, Invest in Innovation

During the great plague of 1665, Isaac Newton made the most of his year of social distancing. While forced to be away from Cambridge, he famously discovered the laws of gravity, conducted groundbreaking experiments in optics and began to develop the fundamentals of differential calculus.

Q&A with Under Secretary Paul Dabbar on the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium

Last week, President Trump announced the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium, a unique public-private effort spearheaded by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), and IBM – along with a growing group of government, industry, and academic leaders – to unleash the power of America’s supercomputing resources to combat COVID-19. 

UTRF Inventor Spotlight: Dr. Patti Little Develops Health Monitoring Device

“I believe there is a scientist in each of us,” remarked the University of Tennessee Health Science Center’s Patti Little, MD, assistant professor in the Department of Anesthesiology and physician at Regional One Health. “Need drives innovation. But so does thinking outside the box, extrapolating from what is known, observing one’s environment, testing a hypothesis, and optimizing. It is the continual seeking of making processes better – that’s really the core of who I am as a scientist.”

LaunchTN, State’s COVID-19 Unified Command announce major initiative focused initially on coronavirus

Launch Tennessee and the State of Tennessee’s COVID-19 Unified Command have announced a major initiative that is focused on helping address challenges related to the coronavirus sweeping across the globe and impacting the lives of Tennesseans.

Opinion: The Current Environment of Work & Change for the Future

For years we have encountered business leaders with a certain mentality: “We don’t want our people working from home, because we’re not certain they’re actually working.” We usually counter this way of thinking by first, highlighting that some job functions can be performed at home while others cannot, and second, by emphasizing the importance of performance metrics and measuring outcomes, versus hours spent in the office.

Senator Marsha Blackburn Provides Information on Federal Response to COVID-19

There are many questions regarding the coronavirus and the federal response to the impact the pandemic has had on our economy, our healthcare systems, and our daily lives. It is imperative to Senator Blackburn that her constituents receive the information needed. Below is information their office has received including guidance for student loan assistance, donating medical supplies, VA questions in general, DOD contracts, etc. Also linked are several flyers with helpful information from the SBA, as well as detailed information on the CARES Act. 

UT Board of Trustees Appoints Randy Boyd to 5-Year Term as 26th President

By a unanimous vote Friday afternoon, the University of Tennessee Board of Trustees selected Randy Boyd to serve as UT’s 26th president for the next five years. Trustees approved Boyd serving in the position up to June 30, 2025. He will continue to serve without a salary. He will receive $10,000 per year to cover state health insurance costs.

ETEC Holds First-Ever Virtual Weekly Meeting 47 Years After its Founding

The East Tennessee Economic Council, better known as ETEC, was founded in 1973 as the Roane Anderson Economic Council. Its mission is simple: (1) supporting the federal government’s missions in East Tennessee; and (2) seeking new ways to create prosperity, promote regional development, and explore opportunities for growth.