Meet the Man who Invented the Super Soaker — One of the Best-Selling Toys of all Time

The Super Soaker was a game changer when came to squirt guns and summer fun. And you have Lonnie Johnson to thank for it. The man behind one of the most popular toys of all time is an engineer who has worked for Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Air Force, and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Now he's working on a few other inventions that he hopes will change the world. Following is a transcript of the video.

How One Energy Department Lab Uses Physics to Boost Cybersecurity

It’s drilled into businesses and government agencies alike: encrypt your data. But what if normal encryption is not enough? DOE s ORNL has designed a cybersecurity protocol that uses physics to make it faster and more secure to share and protect encrypted data. ORNL has non-exclusively licensed the technology to Qubitekk, a San Diego-based company that develops quantum cryptography solutions to secure machine-to-machine communications.

CNS Gives and Receives Recognitions at Inaugural Award Ceremony

As part of the first combined ceremony honoring outstanding small business and local business leaders, Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC (CNS) honored their Small Business of the Year, and CNS President and CEO Morgan Smith was recognized with the Kerry Trammell Volunteer of the Year award. This is the first year CNS, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce have combined their award ceremonies.

Boeing Talks 3D Printing for Aerospace

On the ground floor of 3D printing technology for years, aerospace manufacturers first began adopting the various additive manufacturing (AM) processes for use in prototyping. With each advance in the technology, they have been there as AM was used for the creation of tooling to, most recently, the mass manufacturing of end parts. GE increased its role in the industry dramatically when it acquired two metal 3D printer manufacturers and formed GE Additive. GE, however, isn’t the only aerospace company that’s taken AM to the skies. Also ahead of the pack is Boeing, which has been flying 3D-printed parts since 2003.

Stealth Mark, Focused on Authentication, Relocates to Oak Ridge

Oak Ridge is known as the Secret City, and there’s a new company in town with a focus on ensuring businesses and individuals are not deceived by counterfeiters. The business, which relocated from Minnesota in late 2016, is named Stealth Mark, and its President and Chief Executive Officer is Rick Howard. “We had no growth space in our building in Minnesota,” he told us in a recent interview. “My wife and I also desired a smaller town with better climate, but the availability of skilled technology talent was the driving concern. We were considering Kentucky, but after hearing of Oak Ridge, we visited for three days and decided to relocate. The city is in a beautiful area, the people are friendly, but most importantly it has a large technology talent pool allowing for rapid development and growth for this company.”

UCOR Presents 2017 Small Business Awards

UCOR recently presented awards to five small businesses to recognize their “exceptional efforts” in supporting UCOR’s cleanup contract on DOE's Oak Ridge Reservation, a press release said. UCOR, or URS | CH2M Oak Ridge LLC, is a partnership of AECOM and CH2M. The company is responsible for cleaning up ETTP, a former gaseous diffusion plant that DOE is converting into a private sector industrial park. It also performs cleanup work at other locations on the Oak Ridge Reservation.

Oak Ridge Makes First Transuranic Waste Shipment in Five Years

For the first time since 2012, EM recently shipped treated transuranic waste from Oak Ridge’s Transuranic Waste Processing Center to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) near Carlsbad, New Mexico for permanent disposal.  This waste consists of materials and debris contaminated with elements with a higher atomic mass and listed after uranium on the periodic table. The majority of Oak Ridge’s inventory resulted from previous research and isotope production missions at DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

7 Utah Counties Explore Experimental ‘Molten Salt’ Nuclear Power

Imagine generating nuclear power that can’t be turned into weapons, doesn’t pose a risk of meltdown or radiation release nor produce high-level radioactive waste that could contaminate the environment for millennia. And to sweeten the deal, medical isotopes could be harvested from a process. Such technology, using thorium instead of uranium as a core fuel, is proven to some extent and Utah is well-positioned to lead the nation in developing what could be a world-changing energy source, according to experts and entrepreneurs who testified recently before the Utah Legislature.

Lab-in-a-Box Gives Teachers Needed Resources

From deciphering the ancient stories in fossils, to the physics lessons in friction, to assembling and operating robots, area teachers now have the latest educational tools thanks to the Rural Communities STEM Initiative Lab-in-a-Box program. Roane State Community College is deeply involved in the innovative “Lab-in-a-Box” program, which wrapped recently at the Pollard Technology Conference Center on the Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) campus in Oak Ridge.

Trump Administration Silent on Demise of Nuclear Project

The day after two South Carolina power companies decided to bail out on two partially built nuclear reactors, state regulators asked the project's top executives what it would take to restart construction. Kevin Marsh, CEO of South Carolina Electric & Gas parent SCANA Corp., answered with a must: The federal government would need to step in to cover the spiraling costs, he said, and guarantee that ratepayers wouldn't foot the bill for a project with an uncertain price tag. Nearly two weeks later, support from D.C. doesn't appear to be forthcoming.