Matthew Reinke

Matt Reinke, CFS

Tokamak Physicist at Commonwealth Fusion Systems

Matthew Reinke is a Tokamak Physicist at Commonwealth Fusion Systems where he is the technical lead for the SPARC plasma facing components.  He has worked on tokamaks around the world, beginning with diagnostics on the Pegasus Toroidal Experiment as an undergrad at University of Wisconsin, continuing as a graduate student and post-doc working on Alcator C-Mod at the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center from 2004-2013.  Activities focused on development and use of diagnostics for studying impurities with an emphasis on power exhaust scenarios.  From 2014-2015 he was a lecturer at the University of York where he contributed to the EU fusion research program on MAST-U, JET and ASDEX Upgrade.  He was a staff scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory from 2015-2020 working on the new PFC design completed as part of the NSTX-U Recovery Project and developing new bolometry diagnostics.  He is presently a U.S. member of the ITPA Divertor and SOL Group and during 2019-2020 served as a Program Committee member for the APS-DPP Community Planning Process, leading the Boundary & Divertor Physics Expert Group.  While at ORNL he worked on establishing private-public partnerships with the fusion industry, developing a first-of-a-kind DOE-funded research collaboration between PPPL, ORNL and Tokamak Energy using ST-40.