Is the SNS Producing Billion-Dollar Science?

Frank Munger talks with ORNL Laboratory Director, Thom Mason, about SNS.

SNS_aerialThe Spallation Neutron Source was constructed at a cost of $1.4 billion, becoming operational in the spring of 2006 with big-time aspirations for materials science at a new level, and since that time there has been a steady increase in power and the number of research instruments. Many millions of dollars are spent operating the facilities annually.

Frank Munger talks with ORNL Laboratory Director, Thom Mason about SNS. He asks whether the SNS is producing billion-dollar science three and a half years after it first placed beam on target and records parts of that conversation on his blog site.

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Source: Knoxville News Sentinel
Photo: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

(The 80-acre SNS site is located on Chestnut Ridge and is part of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The curved building in front is the Central Laboratory and Office Building (CLO); to the right is the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences. The rectangular building behind the CLO is the Experiment Hall. Most of the accelerator systems are underground.)