Innovative Companies for Today and Tomorrow

Which leading-edge corporations are most likely to succeed now and in the future?

Lightbulb_in_HeadInnovation is the lifeblood of our global economy and a strategic priority for all CEOs everywhere. We’re all familiar with classic cases where revolutionary ideas upended industries and generated enormous wealth: the Apple iPod’s outplaying the Sony Walkman; Starbucks’ beans and atmosphere flooding out traditional coffee shops; Skype’s using a strategy of “free” to unspool AT&T. But how about Reckitt Benckiser Group, the British consumer products giant (Lysol, Woolite, Clearasil), which looks to customers, among others, to find new methods to detect parasites?

What about Intuitive Surgical, whose robotics-assisted procedures might soon allow a doctor in Atlanta to save the life of a soldier in Afghanistan? Or Tencent Holdings, whose QQ, China’s hottest online-messaging platform, with roughly 700 million active accounts, has changed the way young people in the Middle Kingdom communicate?

How do these companies exploit new ideas, products and services to produce dynamic and lucrative new businesses?

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Source: Tom Post | Forbes