Big Data Analytics Working Group

The Big Data Analytics Working Group is a regional initiative on big data analytics focused on advanced manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare. ETEC members are working together to find the best way to celebrate the State of Tennessee as a center of excellence in this area.

2019 Activities

On March 5, the group hosted a session on Transforming Medicine through Data Analytics at the 4th International Conference for Systems and Complexity Sciences for Health: Networks for Local and Global Health Improvement held at the University of Tennessee’s Conference Center in March of 2019.

On September 5, over 100 manufacturers, community, business, academic, and political leaders convened at DOE’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory for ‘The Future of Manufacturing’ workshop.

This workshop was focused on giving companies insights for utilizing specialized research in big data analytics for manufacturing processes and productivity. This was a follow up of a meeting entitled Democratization of Manufacturing organized by UT and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in November of 2018. During that meeting, the attendees raised concerns that the modern tools of data analytics may not be accessible to small-scale industries. This workshop focused on approaches to address this need and involve the diverse stakeholders in scoping what capabilities are in the region and what capability gaps need to be filled.

A report from this workshop is being compiled and will be published here when finished.

The November 19th ETEC After Hours event, whose topic series is technologies that disrupt our culture, will present a discussion with Dr. Bruce Ramshaw and Dr. Brian Worley about how data analytics and artificial intelligence are transforming healthcare.

Dr. Ramshaw is a managing partner of CQInsights and adjunct professor at UTK; and, Dr. Brian Worley is president and CEO at PYA Analytics and VP of provider analytics at Verana Health. The panel will be moderated by Dr. Suresh Babu, co-chair of ETEC’s Big Data Analytics Working Group, Director of UT’s Bredesen Center, and UT/ORNL Governor’s Chair of Advanced Manufacturing.

The working group is chaired by Bonnie Carroll and Dr. Suresh Babu.