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The 2019 ETEC Work Plan

Each year the Council’s leadership establishes a living work plan that focuses our collective efforts on growing the federal missions in East Tennessee, and creating opportunities for economic growth around those missions.

Fundamental to that work is communication–weekly meetings and communications to share what is going on inside the federal programs, and also those factors that create new opportunities in the private sector. See our calendar section on this site for updates on our meetings and special events.

Also, we believe it is important to celebrate the successes of our members and outstanding individuals in our community (See the Order of the Muddy Boot and the Postma Young Professional Medal), and we find ways throughout the year to honor businesses for their good work.

The Council also advocates for new programs and new missions in the federal complex in Oak Ridge.

Each year stakeholder meetings are held to formulate the plan.

For 2019 two key themes emerged:

  1. Tell the Oak Ridge story as outlined below well and often in 2019.
  2. In times of change, there are opportunities.

Oak Ridge has a strong federal base. Our science programs are world renowned, our national security mission is more vital than ever, and our environmental cleanup program is the envy of the DOE complex nationwide. To maintain and grow these missions, we must continue to compete on the highest levels for talent, funding, and new projects.

In 2019 the Council will:

1.     Support ORNL, ORAU, TVA and University of Tennessee Research and Development Opportunities:

  • Nuclear – ETEC will continue its Nuclear Working Group in 2019, and host its third Nuclear Suppliers Workshop in Oak Ridge, as well as host nuclear events with TVA, NEI, and the U.S. Department of Nuclear Energy.
  • Computing – ETEC will continue refining the goals for the big data analytics working group in 2019, and pursue opportunities for an event to explore the public-private partnerships that will showcase our unique assets. ETEC will also support ORNL in its exascale computing initiatives.
  • Advanced Manufacturing – ETEC will work with IACMI, TennSMART, and other partner organizations to increase awareness of Oak Ridge/UT/TVA technologies, and help our corporate members understand the new opportunities.
  • Radioisotopes – ETEC will continue to support the growth of radioscope missions in Oak Ridge in both the public and private sectors.
  • Workforce – Members tell us they need skilled trade workers, and they are developing partnerships to meet those needs. Therefore, ETEC will continue to support and create awareness about educational opportunities. We will encourage our members to be mentors, and to increase their interactions with local school systems, TCATs, community colleges and universities. ETEC will also support ORAU/ORISE’s initiatives in internships, and other federal program opportunities, as well as look for ways to assist the workforce to adapt to the jobs of the future.

2.     Support Y-12 and National Security Programs:

  • ETEC will continue to advocate for the re-capitalization of the Y-12 complex, and work with our members to explore new opportunities arising from the national security work. Those include non-proliferation programs, cybersecurity initiatives, and work with other federal agencies.

3.     Support Environmental Management and Reindustrialization:

  • ETEC is aware that DOE OREM’s Vision 2020 at ETTP is near completion and thus supports the continued work to clean up the legacies of the Manhattan Project at ORNL and Y-12. The goal is to put the land back to productive uses for our nation, state and community. ETEC will work with DOE, its regulators, and partners—CROET, industrial boards, and others—to accomplish this. This includes support of the airport to be placed at the ETTP site.

4.     Support the Goals of the Industrial Development Community:

  • We need shovel ready parcels of land for new industrial users.
  • We need a conference center in Oak Ridge.
  • Recognize that entry level housing remains a challenge in Oak Ridge.

5.     Communication is key. In order to tell the Oak Ridge story ETEC will do the following in the coming year:

  • Support the work of DOE, the National Park Service, the City of Oak Ridge, and others on the new AMSE museum and other historical sites to create great places to further tell the story. This includes a proposed event center adjacent to AMSE.
  • Continue to provide venues for interactions between our members at weekly meetings, with state and federal elected officials, and to present ideas for the future.


Acronym Guide:

AMSE – American Museum of Science & Energy

CROET – Community Reuse Organization of East Tennessee

DOE – Department of Energy

ETEC – East Tennessee Economic Council

ETTP – East Tennessee Technology Park

IACMI – Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation

NEI – Nuclear Energy Institute

ORAU – Oak Ridge Associated Universities

OREM – Oak Ridge Environmental Management

ORISE – Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education

ORNL – Oak Ridge National Laboratory

TCAT – Tennessee College of Applied Technology

TVA – Tennessee Valley Authority

UT – University of Tennessee

Y-12 – Y-12 National Security Complex


Other initiatives that ETEC encourages:

SCORE (State Collaborative on Reforming Education)SCORE Logo

TN-First-logoTennessee FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)


TNAchievesTennessee Promise Mentor Program, tnAchieves