IAEA Finds Japan Underestimated Risks

Nuclear operators should periodically update methodologies used in assessing and evaluating the risk of nuclear plants, according to a new IAEA report.

Japan_on_MapThe International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has said Japanese government and the Tokyo Electric Power Company had underestimated the risks a tsunami can cause to the nuclear installations in the country. The latest IAEA report validates WikiLeaks revelations that IAEA had warned Japanese authorities about the risk of a strong earthquake.

The IAEA team, which conducted a 10-day investigation of nuclear plants in Japan which were compromised in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami, also recommended independent regulation of nuclear plants in Japan.

The 18-member investigation team will submit the full report at an IAEA meeting later this month. The report, however, says Japan’s response to the nuclear crisis was exemplary.

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Source: Jijo Jacob | International Business Times