How to Solve a Problem Like the Fiscal Cliff?

An agreement would likely see Democrats get the tax increase of top earners they’ve been demanding.

Moving_Puzzle_Pieces_Cropped_SmallTop staffers are working on a fiscal cliff deal after leading Democrats emerged encouraged from a recent White House meeting in which Republican leaders did not explicitly reject the suggestion they accept a Senate-passed bill that would allow tax rates to rise on top earners, leadership aides said.

Democrats hope their bill, which would need to pass only the House, can serve as a “down payment” this year in a deal that would include agreement on a mechanism to enact tax and entitlement reforms next year.

“The real development from our standpoint is that we said we are absolutely clear that we are sticking to our position that the Senate bill is what is [going to] happen between now and December 25th,” the Democratic aide said. “Notably, Republicans didn’t shoot that down.”

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Source: Dan Friedman | The Atlantic