House GOP Tries to Rally Around 2012 Agenda

House Republican leaders begin the process of rallying their fractious conference behind an agenda for 2012.

Republican_ElephantThe 242-member House majority met behind closed doors for the first time this year, coming off a bitter defeat in the payroll-tax-cut fight at the close of 2011.

Party leaders emerged from the meeting proclaiming that the conference was united around the belief that President Obama’s policies have failed, though they have to settle on their own strategy for the coming election year.

“Our members are united around the realization that the policies that have been promoted by this administration have not worked,” Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said.

The House GOP heads to Baltimore on Thursday for its annual retreat, where party leaders hope to hash out their game plan. Previewing the agenda, Cantor said members are going to be hyper-focused on how to create small business jobs.

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Source: Russell Berman | The Hill