House Bill Signals Republicans Preparing for a Battle

“I think there is a blind eye to our nation’s future with this slash-and-burn approach to the federal government,” said Senator Patty Murray of Washington, a senior Democrat on the appropriations committee.

Money_Clock_SmallQuietly, the House Appropriations Committee is working hard to undo much of the president’s first-term ambitions — or at least provoke a showdown with the White House ahead of the fall election.

“I don’t think there’s any question the policy that we’re trying to promote is one of fiscal prudence, but also if we feel the sort of green initiatives the president has been about are not yielding the result that was intended and the mission is not one that we would support, certainly we would focus on trying to end that,” Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia, the House majority leader, said in an interview. “There are policy implications any time you go about affecting spending levels.”

At the root of the shearing is the House’s decision to cut domestic spending over all by $19 billion below the levels set last summer in the deal to end the debt-ceiling imbroglio. Senate Democrats and Republicans have pledged to abide by those caps, and Mr. Obama has threatened to veto any bill that cuts spending to the lower House level.

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Source: Jonathan Weisman | The New York Times