Hauling Nuclear Weapons Across the Country?

Source: FreightWaves.com |  Noi Mahoney | July 18, 2021

AskWaves dives into the job of federal nuclear materials couriers

Nuclear materials couriers (NMCs) might have one of the toughest and most secretive jobs in the transportation industry: hauling nuclear bombs and other dangerous material.

The drivers who make up the covert fleet transporting nuclear weapons to locations across the United States are operated by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), an organization established in 2000.

The NNSA is part of the Office of Secure Transportation (OST) in the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Curtis Johnson, the lead federal agent recruiter for NNSA, said in some ways the job is like other trucking jobs.

“Similar to other truck driving jobs, the NMC position does have its share of routine and monotonous long hours over the road,” Johnson told FreightWaves. “However, unlike most other trucking careers, these long-haul trips are part of a larger operation and every vehicle in the convoy is manned by multiple federal agents who share the driving, communications and security.”

The DOE continuously recruits and hires nuclear couriers year-round, Johnson said.

“We typically advertise the NMC position on www.usajobs.gov three or four times per year, with each job announcement being open to new applicants for one or two weeks at a time,” Johnson said.

After completing the hiring process, NMC candidates will spend approximately 18 weeks of training at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas. The 18-week-long course is referred to as nuclear materials courier basic (NMCB) training and is a requirement for all new NMC candidates.

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