Germans Move to Exit the Nuclear Age

The Associated Press reports that Germany plans to be the first industrialized nation to abandon nuclear power.

Blue_Globe_EuroGermany has been investing heavily in renewable energy, and has a variety of taxes and incentives designed to make renewables competitive with cheap but dirty sources such as coal.

The transition was originally to take 25 years, but the government of Chancellor Angels Merkel has decided to accelerate the program, especially in the wake of the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi reactor in Japan.

Some experts say the German model could provide a blueprint for other nations such as the U.S. “If we had the winds of Texas or the sun of California, the task here would be even easier,” Felix Matthes of Germany’s renowned Institute for Applied Ecology told the AP. “Given the great potential in the U.S., it would be feasible there in the long run too, even though it would necessitate huge infrastructure investments.”

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Source: Jesse Emspa | International Business Times