Final BRC Report Focuses on Waste Management

The report calls for preparations for the eventual large-scale transport of spent nuclear fuel and high-level waste to consolidated storage and disposal facilities once such facilities become available.

BRC_LogoA new consent-based approach to siting future nuclear waste management facilities and a new organization to run a waste management program are two key recommendations in a final report released January 26 by the Blue Ribbon Commission (BRC) on America’s Nuclear Future.

The commission recommended that an “independent, government-chartered corporation” be established to focus solely on a radioactive waste management program as an alternative to the existing program run by the Energy Department.

Among its eight key recommendations, the report calls for the new organization to have access to the funds utility ratepayers are providing for nuclear waste management. It also recommended that prompt efforts be made to develop one or more consolidated storage facilities.

Ultimately, the report urged support for continued U.S. innovation in nuclear energy technology and for active U.S. leadership in international efforts to address safety, waste management, nonproliferation, and security concerns.

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Source: Pat Ware | Bloomberg | Daily Environment Report
Image: The Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future