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Aug 3

ECA: New Nuclear Development Forum

August 3 - August 5

Learn more about ECA’s New Nuclear Initiative at

The Energy Communities Alliance (ECA) recognizes the opportunity to address goals shared broadly among U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) program offices and in frontline communities across the federal nuclear complex and will host the ECA Forum: Hosting New Nuclear Development (Forum), August 3-5, 2022 at the Marriot University Park in Salt Lake City, Utah.

As the Country pursues an all-of-the-above energy strategy, moving toward energy independence and working to mitigate the impacts of climate change, support for nuclear energy continues to grow. There is great potential for nuclear energy to deliver dependable baseload power alongside renewables, create jobs, rebuild the nuclear manufacturing supply chain, power hybrid energy systems for industry, and explore space propulsion.

New and advanced nuclear technologies like small modular reactors, microreactors, fast-neutron reactors, and accident-tolerant fuels are being developed that promise to be smaller, simpler, safer and, importantly, economically competitive.

For these “new nuclear” projects – many of them first-of-a-kind – to be commercially-viable and successfully deployed, each project must be integrated into its host community with alignment around key issues: marketing, financing, siting, workforce, and planning. Each project must be located at a site that supports the mission and has the required federal and private funding, regulatory assurance, demand for the electrons being generated, availability of related goods and services, and, most importantly, partnerships at all levels of government.

Examples of how these partnerships drive success can be seen in communities around the Country, specifically those that have long supported federal nuclear missions. Local governments in these communities are eager to support the new generation of nuclear technologies, realize the myriad benefits these projects bring with them, and see successful demonstrations become widespread commercial deployment.

To better understand how to match potential host community strengths and needs with those of advanced nuclear project developers, the Forum will:

  • Provide a venue for nuclear technology and project developers to meet and interact with interested potential host communities, with exhibition booth spaces and separate, small meeting room availability.
  • Share lessons learned from communities already hosting nuclear power facilities or federal nuclear missions and help outline what any local government needs to understand and should consider as potential hosts for nuclear projects.
  • Facilitate discussions to better understand the outlook for new nuclear development and provide realistic timelines for local governments and economic development entities looking at siting, regulation, public-private partnerships and how to build support from the ground-up.

For more information on ECA’s Energy Communities forum on Hosting New Nuclear Development please visit

For questions, please contact Sarah Templeton, ECA Program Manager.

Learn more about ECA’s New Nuclear Initiative at



August 3
August 5
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