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Friday Program - ONLINE

ETEC’s goal is to meet virtually until we can be together again on Friday mornings.
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ETEC will NOT meet on Friday, July 3.

Have a great 4th of July Weekend!


Meeting Sponsor

Thank you to Mesa Associates for sponsoring the Friday morning meetings in July.

Upcoming Virtual Meetings

July 10 - Douglas Holtz-Eakin, American Action Forum
July 17 - Impacts of Cleanup on Environment, Missions, and Economy, Jay Mullis & Ken Rueter
July 24 - ETEC Board of Directors
July 31 - Deborah Frincke, ORNL
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Virtual Events

July 3 - What’s The CARES Act? Webinar Series
July 16 - TVC National Summit – Virtual Session
July 23 - TVC National Summit – Virtual Session
July 30 - TVC National Summit – Virtual Session


Call for 2020 Award Nominations

ETEC is now accepting nominations for the 2020 Muddy Boot Award and Postma Young Professional Medal. Nominations will be taken until August 21, 2020.
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UT LEIC: Developing Training Program to Minimize Biased-Based Policing in Law Enforcement

The University of Tennessee Law Enforcement Innovation Center (LEIC) today announced plans to develop a training program to minimize biased-based policing in the law enforcement community.
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Beth Jenkins Becomes First Woman Plant Manager for TVA Nuclear Plant

America's newest commercial nuclear power plant is also the first for the Tennessee Valley Authority to have a female plant director.
Beth Jenkins, a nuclear engineer who has worked in the industry for 21 years, became plant manager of TVA's Watts Bar Nuclear Plant on Monday.
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OREM awards local small business four-year contract

On June 30, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management (OREM) awarded Management Solutions, LLC a four-year contract to provide business and administrative support. The contract to the Knoxville-based, 8(a), woman-owned small business has a value of approximately $4 million.
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"Radioactive Gobstoppers" Could Stop the Next Nuclear Reactor Meltdown

“When you start with a reactor that can’t melt, your safety case completely changes.”
Researchers are hoping that tiny graphite-coated balls of uranium, likened by Wired to “radioactive gobstoppers,” could revitalize nuclear energy production in the United States by making nuclear plants completely meltdown-proof.
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Path to Market: New License for a UTIA Technology to a Fight Billion-Dollar Agricultural Crisis

Obtaining a commercial license with an industry partner doesn’t happen overnight. The journey of bringing a technology from initial discovery to the marketplace can be a long and challenging process. Industry landscape changes constantly, and companies consistently raise the bar on the amount of data and de-risking they require prior to licensing.
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Innov865 Goes Virtual, Honors Startups and Inventors Fighting COVID-19

The Innov865 Alliance announced today Innov865 Week 2020 will be virtual this year, and it will make a special effort to honor startups and inventors making an impact on the fight against COVID-19. Innov865 Week 2020 is Monday, September 28 – Friday, October 2.
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