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ETEC’s goal is to meet virtually until we can be together again on Friday mornings.
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April 3, 2020
7:30 - 8:30 a.m.

A panel discussion with two Oak Ridge DOE contractors
regarding their response to COVID-19.


Andy Page, President and CEO of Oak Ridge Associated Universities, will lead the panel. Participants will speak and answer questions.

This meeting will be a ZOOM Webinar. Please register BEFORE Friday morning. After registering, the ZOOM meeting link will be on your confirmation page and will be emailed to you. You may join via telephone as well. All participants' microphones and cameras will be muted upon entry.

We look forward to “meeting” with you on Friday morning!

Meeting Sponsor

Thank you to Christman Company for sponsoring the Friday morning meetings in April.

Virtual Events

Apr 3 - Launch TN: Virtual Workshop on SBIR/STTR Federal Research Grants – A Deep Dive
Apr 14 - TSBDC Webinar: How to do business with the government – Part 1
Apr 16 - TSBDC Webinar: How to do business with the government – Part 2


3-nextgenerati nuc fuel'
dr. patti little

Quest for Next-Generation Nuclear Fuels

POWER Mag. explores how existing reactors may leverage advances in nuclear fuel to boost power generation safety and economics. This article surveys nuclear fuel developments that may support the emerging fleet of advanced nuclear reactors, including small modular reactors and microreactors.
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UT Board of Trustees Appoints Randy Boyd to 5-Year Term as 26th President

By a unanimous vote the University of Tennessee Board of Trustees selected Randy Boyd to serve as UT’s 26th president for the next five years. Trustees approved Boyd serving in the position up to June 30, 2025. He will continue to serve without a salary. He will receive $10,000 per year to cover state health insurance costs.
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UTRF Inventor Dr. Patti Little Develops Health Monitoring Device

University of Tennessee Health Science Center’s Patti Little, MD, ia an assistant professor in the Department of Anesthesiology and physician at Regional One Health. She realized a true need for a device that assists fellow physicians actively monitor and optimize cardiac function in an accelerated and efficient way.
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launch tn stars
My Approved Portraits

LaunchTN, State’s COVID-19 Unified Command Announce Initiative Focused on Coronavirus

Launch Tennessee and the State of Tennessee’s COVID-19 Unified Command have announced a major initiative that is focused on helping address challenges related to the coronavirus sweeping across the globe and impacting the lives of Tennesseans. Called the “Tennessee Innovation Crowdsource Platform,” the effort is designed to leverage the collective power of creative problem-solvers, innovators, and industry experts to rapidly solve critical issues facing communities at scale.
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TVA Launches Initiative to Strengthen Public Power COVID-19 Response

The Tennessee Valley Authority announced an initiative to support increased flexibility for local power companies who are responding to urgent community and customer needs during the ongoing response to the COVID-19 outbreak. TVA will make up to a total of $1 billion of credit support available as an option to local power companies through the deferral of wholesale power payments based on the needs of individual local power companies.
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Senator Marsha Blackburn Provides Information on Federal Response to COVID-19

There are many questions regarding the coronavirus and the federal response to the impact the pandemic has had on our economy, our healthcare systems, and our daily lives. It is imperative to Senator Blackburn that her constituents receive the information they need. This article contains information their office has received including guidance for student loan assistance, donating medical supplies, VA questions in general, DOD contracts, SBA, CARES Act, and legislative summaries.
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Opinion News Articles:

For a Robust Recovery, Invest in Innovation

During the great plague of 1665, Isaac Newton made the most of his year of social distancing. While forced to be away from Cambridge, he famously discovered the laws of gravity, conducted groundbreaking experiments in optics and began to develop the fundamentals of differential calculus.
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Thinking about Digital Privacy Protection in Pandemic Times

The new normal of COVID-19 is for all of us to stay connected on as close to a 24/7 basis as possible. That means having a mobile phone handy wherever we are and wherever we go. The public health demands of tracking such critical aspects as social distancing and virus spreading through contacts has placed a greater potential need for data to be collected and shared by private internet and telecommunications companies. Such data can be invaluable to government agencies involved in public health planning and implementation during the pandemic.
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The Current Environment of Work & Change for the Future

For years we have encountered business leaders with a certain mentality: “We don’t want our people working from home, because we’re not certain they’re actually working.” We usually counter this way of thinking by first, highlighting that some job functions can be performed at home while others cannot, and second, by emphasizing the importance of performance metrics and measuring outcomes, versus hours spent in the office.
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