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Upcoming Friday Programs

All meetings occur from 7:30-8:30 a.m. in the UT Outreach Center unless otherwise noted.
October 18 - Dulaney O’Roark, Verizon

October 25 - ETEC Board of Directors Meeting

November 1 - Oak Ridge High School Robotics Team
De O'Roark


Oct 17 - Oak Ridge Reception for the TN Historical Commission
Oct 17 - TSBDC: Marketing on a Shoestring
Oct 17-18 - CASRE: Organizational & Workforce Requirements for the Future
Oct 18 -1st Annual Exascale Day
Oct 24-25 - Governor’s Conference: Economic & Community Dev.
Oct 25 - TSBDC: Small Business Start-Up Seminar
Oct 30 -UT-PTAC: 2019 Construction Opportunities Conference, Nashville

Nov 6 - TSBDC: Government Contracting- 101-102 What’s Next?
Nov 12 - SDVOSB Opportunity Day
Nov 14 - TSBDC: How to do Business with the Government
Nov 19-21 - Carbon Fiber 2019 Conference, Knoxville


yucca mtn 2018
UPF 1st Nuclear 2019

Has Tech Made Moving Nukes Safe Enough? Depends on Whom You Ask

"Nuclear materials transportation has evolved since the first shipment nearly 75 years ago," the department posted online last year. Today, radioactive shipments are hauled in double-walled steel containers inside specialized trailers that undergo extensive testing and are tracked by GPS and real-time apps.
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First Nuclear Process Equipment Installed at UPF

The Uranium Processing Facility Project installed the first nuclear process equipment, a process skid, at the Salvage and Accountability Building (SAB). It is one of approximately 200 skids that will be installed at UPF. A skid is a grouping of preassembled components, like tanks, valves, and pipe spools.
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Univ. Acquires World’s Largest 3D Printer, Builds Record Polymer Boat

According to a report from the University of Maine, the school’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center set three Guinness world records on October 10: operating the largest prototype polymer 3D printer; building the largest solid 3D-printed object; and printing the largest 3D-printed boat. The 25-ft., 5,000-pound vessel, took 72 hours to print.
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ORNL -U-Toledo 2019
ETTP k-1037-during-demolition-700-pixels_original 2019
ETTP Post Cleanup Vision - DOE OREM 2019

ORNL, U-Toledo Collaborate on Advanced Vehicle Research

DOE's ORNL and The University of Toledo have entered into a memorandum of understanding for collaborative research into the advanced design and manufacturing of high-strength, intelligent, lightweight materials for use by the automotive sector.
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Risk Reduction Realized as ETTP Cleanup Nears Completion

By Ken Rueter, UCOR... For the past eight years, I have had the privilege of serving my company, community and, ultimately, the nation by leading the monumental cleanup of the former Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant, today known as the ETTP.
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Centrus Completes Oak Ridge D&D Contract

Centrus Energy Corp has completed decontamination and decommissioning of DOE's K-1600 facility, one year after being awarded the contract to prepare the facility for demolition. K-1600 is one of the last remaining legacy structures on the ETTP site.
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Meeting Sponsor

Thank you to Energy Solutions for sponsoring
the Friday morning meetings in October.
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