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Upcoming Friday Programs

All meetings occur from 7:30-8:30 a.m. in the UT Outreach Center unless otherwise noted.
May 31 - Board of Directors (All members and guests are welcome.)

June 7 - Oak Ridge City Blueprint (Speakers: Nathalie Schmidt and Wayne Blasius, Oak Ridge Community Development Department)

June 14 - Jonaaron Jones, Volunteer Aerospace

June 21 - ETEC at the Millennial Nuclear Caucus (at Y-12's New Hope Center)


May 29-30 - 2019 TVC National Summit

June 1 - Flatwater Tales Storytelling Festival Oak Ridge
June 4 - TSBDC: How to do business with the gov't & Gov't Contracting- 101-102 What’s Next?
June 5 - House Nuclear Cleanup Caucus
June 6 - AMSE Spotlight: Mark Dean, UTK College of Engineering
June 11-12 - DOE: Advanced Manufacturing Office Peer Review
June 17-18 - Decommissioning Strategy Forum
June 20 - TSBDC: Small business start-up seminar
June 21 - Millennial Nuclear Caucus



Why Corned Beef Sandwiches — And The Rest Of The Universe — Exist

It's easy to take corned beef sandwiches for granted. There's no mystery about them. They simply exist. But corned beef sandwiches, along with everything else in the universe, raise a critical question in the minds of physicists: Why do they exist?
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Demo Underway on ETTP’s Final Gaseous Diffusion Facilities

Workers started demolishing the final two buildings at ETTP that once supported Oak Ridge’s gaseous diffusion uranium enrichment process. They are the last of the Poplar Creek facilities, the most contaminated structures remaining at the site.
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Reframing Problems with Systems Engineering

Like many workers today, Mike Sand was asked to do more with less. In his 15 years as a chemist at Y-12, he saw the lab staff shrink, his workload grow, and instrumentation break down. Then Sand joined other Y-12 employees in UT's masters degree program in systems engineering development.
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1947 y-12

Spilling the Secrets Behind the ‘Secret City’ Built to Build 'the Bomb'

Who knew the beginning of the Atomic Age was so funny? Sort of like the Humor in Uniform section of “Reader’s Digest,” Oak Ridge historian Ray Smith uses homespun humor to tell a condensed version of the key role his city played in the development of the atomic bombs that ended World War II.
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Sweet Neutron Science Shines New Light on Dark Chocolate's Tastiness

Tempering, the heating process that gives chocolate its appealing sheen and creamy texture, is a crucial part of crafting quality chocolate. But, at the molecular level, it gets a little tricky, and when done incorrectly, can render entire batches of chocolate gritty and unappetizing.
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UCOR STEM Grant-Jefferson Middle School

Oak Ridge Contractor Awards STEM Grants to Local Schools

Designing and building a robot. Learning to print in 3-D. Researching current events and then producing a news media show. These are a few of the activities local schools will now be able to offer students thanks to grants from the Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management’s cleanup contractor UCOR.
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Meeting Sponsor

Thank you to the Tennessee Valley Corridor for sponsoring the Friday morning meetings in May.
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