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Upcoming Friday Programs

All meetings occur from 7:30-8:30 a.m. in the UT Outreach Center unless otherwise noted.
March 22 - Board of Directors (All members and guests are welcome to attend.)

March 29 - Patrick Wilson, Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority

April 5 - Flora Tydings, Tennessee Board of Regents

April 12 - Morris Hassler, CNS


Mar. 21 - TSBDC: Business Planning
Mar. 29 - TSBDC: Small Business Start-Up Seminar

Apr. 8 - TSBDC: Government Contracting- 101-102 What’s Next?
Apr. 9 - TSBDC: How to do business with the government
Apr. 10 - East Tennessee Small Business Growth Conference
Apr. 10-12 - Women in Nuclear Conference (WIN)
Apr. 16-19 - DOE Small Business Forum & Expo
Apr. 18 - TSBDC: Social Media Marketing
Apr. 26 - TSBDC: Small Business Start-Up Seminar
Apr. 29-May 3 - Safety Fest TN

May 29-30 - 2019 TVC National Summit



3-D Printing Shapes Building Industry

A residential and commercial tower under development in Brooklyn that is changing the New York City skyline has its roots in research at DOE's ORNL. The tower's white precast concrete façade rising from the waterfront site of the former Domino Sugar Factory evokes the form of a sugar crystal – a pattern created from 3D printed molds produced at the MDF.
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X-energy Invited to Submit Part II for DOE Loan Guarantee App.

The invitation for the Part II application continues the company's quest to secure funding for the construction of the TRISO-X Fuel Fabrication Facility; a first-of-a-kind cross-cutting U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission-licensed high assay low enriched uranium (HALEU)-based fuel facility.
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Hatfield-y-12 2019

Small-Town Company Gets Ready for the Big League

It may seem like a long road from soothing a patient to smoothing concrete, but it’s a transition that former nurse Cindy Hatfield has made successfully. Her company, Hatfield Construction, LLC is poised to obtain more tools for success through a mentor-protégé agreement with Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC.
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ettp k1414

ETTP’s Longest Operating Facility Demolished

Workers recently completed demolition on Building K-1414, a garage that was the longest operating facility at ETTP. The structure was built in 1949 and operated until early 2018—long after the site’s uranium enrichment operations ceased in the mid-1980s. The building covered more than 12,000 square feet and served as the maintenance hub and fueling station for vehicles used to support the site’s enrichment, and later, cleanup missions.
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Two ORNL Technologies Win Fed. Lab. Awards

Two technologies from the DOE's ORNL have received national Excellence in Technology Transfer awards from the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer: “Qrypt Licensing of Quantum Random Number Generator from ORNL” and “Strategic Licensing of the LandScan/LandCast Population Datasets.” ORNL received two of the six FLC awards given to DOE national labs recognizing the successful transfer of federal laboratory technologies to the marketplace.
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McNally Appoints Jones to State Board

Lt. Governor Randy McNally announced the appointment of James S. “Steve” Jones to the Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Commission. McNally stated, “Steve Jones is an avid outdoorsman, hunter and fisherman. An accomplished businessman and military veteran, I know he will make positive contributions to the commission. I am pleased to appoint him and grateful he has agreed to serve.”
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Meeting Sponsor

Thank you to Retirement Planning Services for sponsoring the meetings in March.

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