ETEC Initiated Program Still Helping Students

Source: The Oak Ridger | Bob Fowler, Special to The Oak Ridger | August 26, 2020

Teachers in three Morgan County schools have fascinating new tools to add to their educational arsenals, thanks in large part to Roane State Community College.

The large plastic bins have been dubbed “Labs-in-a-Box,” and this version of the popular kits holds fossils that tell tales of life eons ago. Also included are magnifying glasses, handbooks, and other items.

“The kits provide much needed hands-on engagement for students, are put together well, and include exceptional products,” said Kristan Headrick, a teacher at Coalfield School. “They are a resource that, if purchased by teachers, would be a large out of pocket expense. I am thankful for the kits and the training provided by Roane State.”

The Lab-in-a-Box program was launched by the East Tennessee Economic Council in 2010 as part of the Rural Communities STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Initiative.

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