ETEC’s publication of the impact of DOE’s spending in FY2013 on the State of Tennessee. Click here to view document.

The presence of the Department of Energy (DOE) in the state of Tennessee generates significant economic benefits. Everyday operations create jobs and income for residents and increase state and local tax revenues. To provide estimates of the economic benefits DOE has on the state of Tennessee, the Center for Business and Economic Research at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville (UT) initiated an in-depth examination of DOE activities, beginning with the 1998 fiscal year. The current study, conducted by the Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy at UT and the East Tennessee Economic Council (ETEC), summarizes the key economic benefits conveyed by DOE on Tennessee using data from fiscal year 2013.

Results from this study confirm the substantial impacts of DOE’s activities on the state as well as on its residents.  They also support a statement made over 50 years ago by Cong. Howard H. Baker, Sr. in a speech he delivered in 1959.

“Oak Ridge can never become just another attractive American city. Its fame and its honors based upon past achievements are already too great for this, and its heavy responsibilities for the future of both America and the world preclude the possibility of a quiet, completely normal existence.”