DOE Office of Science – Final FY21 Appropriations

Source: AIP | Andrea Peterson | January 15, 2021

FY21 Appropriations: DOE Office of ScienceFunding for the Department of Energy’s Office of Science is increasing marginally in fiscal year 2021. Most of its component programs will receive steady funding, though office-wide initiatives in quantum information science and artificial intelligence are receiving substantial boosts, and work is ramping up on the proposed Electron Ion Collider and Cosmic Microwave Background-S4 projects.

With last month’s enactment of fiscal year 2021 appropriations legislation, the Department of Energy Office of Science’s budget of exactly $7 billion is rising by $26 million, with each of its six programs funded at or just above their fiscal year 2020 levels. The appropriation does not include any “emergency” stimulus spending on research facilities, as House Democrats had proposed, but all current facilities projects will receive continuing funding.

An explanatory statement accompanying the legislation provides detailed funding and policy direction, and language from the House Appropriations Committee report conveys additional direction unless specifically negated in the final statement. The Senate Appropriations Committee did not formally submit its report, but language from a publicly released draft is incorporated in the explanatory statement. For summary tables and detailed figures, consult the FYI Federal Science Budget Tracker.

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