Diverse Portfolio Best for TVA to Keep Future Costs and Emissions Low

TVA’s Integrated Resource Plan evaluated a number of possible future scenarios based on projected economic developments and other factors.

TVA-LogoThe Tennessee Valley Authority has filed its Integrated Resource Plan with the Environmental Protection Agency to outline the federal utility’s strategic direction for providing reliable, low-cost and cleaner electricity over the next two decades.

The strategic direction outlined in the Integrated Resource Plan recommends a broader diversity of power-generation sources — including greater use of nuclear power, natural gas and renewable sources and less reliance on coal — to help lower emissions and control costs.

TVA’s new Integrated Resource Plan places greater emphasis than in the past on lowering carbon emissions and on increasing energy efficiency, which helps control future costs by reducing the need to build new power plants.

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Source: Barbara Martocci, Media Relations | Tennessee Valley Authority
Photo: Tennessee Valley Authority