Corker: Debt Ceiling Deal Could Be Too Modest

Senator Bob Corker warned that a debt ceiling deal being negotiated in closed-door talks may be too modest and draw little support in the Senate.

Man_Carrying_DollarSenator Bob Corker, a voice with clout on financial issues, expressed worry about the progress of talks led by Vice President Biden and also demanded that participants explain by the end of next week where the agreement might be going.

“I’m concerned that the type of deal that they may be trying to seek is not something that many of us in this body would even agree to if they reached it, meaning that it’s far more modest than I think most of us have been looking at,” Corker said on the Senate floor.

“I cannot imagine going home to recess on August the 6th, to the people in Tennessee, and telling them … ‘I’m here to tell you that we haven’t done a thing, not one thing, as it relates to reaching a deal on how many cuts are going to take place in spending relative to our debt-ceiling extenuation,’ ” Corker said.

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Source: Pete Kasperowicz | The Hill