Congressional Reaction to Proposed Spending Changes

Fiscally-conservative Republicans demand further cuts in the FY 2011 budget.

Money-Clothes-LineFYI #13 outlined a series of budgetary changes that the House Appropriations Committee had proposed to reduce FY 2011 funding by $74 billion from the amount requested by the Administration. Since that plan was announced, fiscally-conservative Republicans have demanded further cuts in the FY 2011 budget. In response, House Appropriations Committee Chairman Harold Rogers (R-KY) released the below statement yesterday about the Continuing Resolution (CR) that is scheduled to be brought to the House floor next week. This bill will continue funding after a stop gap measure expires on March 4.

“My Committee has been working diligently to go line-by-line in every agency budget to find and cut unnecessary spending to reduce our deficit and help our economy thrive.

“After meeting with my subcommittee Chairs, we have determined that the CR can and will reach a total of $100 billion in cuts compared to the President’s request immediately — fully meeting the goal outlined in the Republican ‘Pledge to America’ in one fell swoop. Our intent is to make deep but manageable cuts in nearly every area of government, leaving no stone unturned and allowing no agency or program to be held sacred. I have instructed my committee to include these deeper cuts, and we are continuing to work to complete this critical legislation.”

The committee announced that these further cuts will be made available when the bill is introduced. Fiscal Year 2011 began on October 1, 2010, almost five months ago. All reductions in FY 2011 budgets will have to be made in the remaining months of this fiscal year, dramatically increasing the impacts the cuts will have on government-supported operations, facilities, and programs.

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Source: Richard M. Jones | The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News