Congratulations to C2Labs, 2nd Runner Up, PYA Ballard Innovation Award 2022

Congratulations to ETEC Member, C2Labs who placed as the second runner-up in the 2022 PYA Ballard Innovation Award competition.

Source: PYA | March 9, 2022


Congratulations to PrepWizard, the winner of the 2022 PYA Ballard Innovation Award, and to Winter Innovations as 1st runner up and RegScale as 2nd runner-up. 

The judges were challenged as we had an unbelievable set of applicants.

Our heartfelt thanks to all the applicants, and to the many organizations around the region for spreading the word about the PYA Ballard Innovation Award. More to come!





PYA Ballard Innovation AwardThe first-place winner of the PYA Ballard Innovation Award will receive the following:

  • $50,000 package of capital and in-kind services:
    • $10,000 of Monetary Capital
    • $  2,500 of In-Kind Tax Advisory Support
    • $  7,500 of In-Kind Outsourced Accounting
    • $10,000 of In-Kind Marketing Support
    • $10,000 of In-Kind Strategy Support
    • $10,000 of In-Kind Video Development
  • Marketing and promotional awareness through earned media
  • Physical award for presentation and marketing purposes

2nd Place

  • $10k of In-Kind Strategy Support
  • Mention in marketing/media collateral

3rd Place

  • $5k of In-Kind Strategy Support
  • Mention in marketing/media collateral



The Ballard Innovation Award competition is open to any early-stage company in the East Tennessee area that has established a “proof of concept” with accompanying revenue. Applicants must present a business plan to optimize existing business operations by reducing costs, increasing revenues, and/or gaining new efficiencies while demonstrating clear innovations to improve the business and empower the consumer.

The award is named in honor of Tom Ballard, PYA’s Chief Alliance Officer and well-respected member of the East Tennessee entrepreneurial community. The East Tennessee native spent more than four decades building relationships for the University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory throughout the region, state, and nation before joining PYA in 2012. During both careers, Ballard led initiatives to build multi-organizational alliances focusing on statewide telecommunications networking, automotive research, and land use planning. Ballard is also Editor and Publisher of, a daily electronic newsletter focused on technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

“As we once again open the floor for entries for the Ballard Innovation Award, it is our goal to highlight and help East Tennessee entrepreneurs with supportive strategies that further their entrepreneurial efforts,” said Marty Brown, President, and CEO of PYA. “This award allows us to connect with those innovators to help them grow and thrive as an established part of our community.”