CNS Wins DOE GreenBuy Award

Source: CNS Y-12 | Release | April 20, 2021

Y-12, Pantex honored for purchasing sustainable products

Both Y-12 and Pantex received a Silver Green Buy award from the U.S, Department of Energy. To earn this award, the sites met the goals of purchasing or using a minimum of six sustainable products in at least three product categories.

It’s not easy being green, but it’s getting easier … at least at Y-12 and Pantex. Both sites were recently recognized with a GreenBuy award from the U.S. Department of Energy for fiscal year 2020.

Both sites received the Silver award, meaning the sites met the goals of purchasing or using a minimum of six sustainable products in at least three product categories. Pantex had eight products in three different categories, and Y-12 achieved seven products in four different categories. Categories range from lowering health and environmental impacts to reducing maintenance and waste management costs.

Sherith Hudson, CNS Sustainable Acquisition program lead said, “During FY20, our sites continued their focus on electronic recycling; purchased concrete, paper towels/toilet tissue with recycled content, as well as electronic equipment as Priority Products; and transitioned to a bio-based dielectric fuel at Y-12.”

Sustainability practices have expanded

 Both sites’ focus has increased from recycling, or managing waste, to purchasing sustainable products. According to Hudson, receiving recognition for sustainable purchasing helps guide the program toward more challenging opportunities. Site representatives agree.

“Previously, Y-12 only reported the amount of recycled content and bio-based products procured each year,” said Jan Jackson, manager of Y-12 Sustainability and Stewardship. “Now we actively participate in selecting the sustainable products to be used on projects around the site. Through the CNS Sustainable Acquisition Program, we support the overall goals of green purchasing.”

Alicia Barley of Pantex Environmental Compliance said, “At Pantex, the site has evolved from managing waste (recycling) to managing purchases also. Prioritizing the purchase of recycled content or bio-based products when possible can really contribute to our overall sustainability.”

“Procuring materials that meet sustainable requirements allows CNS to minimize the use of natural resources, meaning we leave a smaller/lighter footprint on the earth,” Hudson said.

Learn more about the GreenBuy Award Program ( and its recognition of DOE sites for excellence in “green purchasing.”