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Northeast Tennessee leaders launch regional economic development hub

Talk of a new regional economic development hub was put into action on Wednesday afternoon when business and community leaders officially announced the launch of NETNHub, an entity intended to support and enhance existing and new economic development across the eight counties of Northeast Tennessee.

CROET President Tells Oak Ridge Story on National Podcast

Teresa Frady, president of the Community Reuse Organization of East Tennessee, is the Spotlight Interview guest on this week’s episode of the Gone Fission Nuclear Report podcast, which covers U.S. Department of Energy environmental management activities around the nation.

Leading UK commercial fusion developer Tokamak Energy to unveil growth plans at Global Investment Summit

Leading global fusion energy company, Tokamak Energy, will unveil its growth plans for commercial fusion at the Global Investment Summit in London later this month, attended by an audience of leading UK and international investors.

The Oxfordshire-based company, which is in an elite group of only four fusion companies globally to have raised more than $150m, will outline plans to develop economic fusion in compact power plants based on two world leading core technologies – the spherical tokamak design and high-temperature superconducting magnets. Tokamak Energy is focused on delivering fusion energy that is clean, low cost, secure and globally deployable.