Alan Lowe Among 27 to be Inducted Into UK Hall of Distinguished Alumni

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Sept. 28, 2021)

This Friday, the University of Kentucky will induct 27 former students into the 2020 Hall of Distinguished Alumni. The alumni will be honored for their meaningful contributions to the Commonwealth, nation and the world.

The prestigious event, held every five years, was postponed last year due to pandemic restrictions.

“This is a great […]

ETEC Nametags

ETEC is starting fresh with new nametags for all! If you are on the board or executive committee, your nametag will automatically be printed, so you do not need to complete this form.

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The People in the Room: Visitors Are Welcome

by Jim Campbell, ETEC President | May 28, 2021

Each year thousands of people come to visit Oak Ridge.

In our last economic impact study, done in 2017, we counted over 50,000 visitors to our science and national security facilities. This figure includes business, education, and science-related visitors. Before COVID, the number of visitors was poised […]

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Matthew Reinke, Commonwealth Fusion Systems

Matthew Reinke

Tokamak Physicist at Commonwealth Fusion Systems

Matthew Reinke is a Tokamak Physicist at Commonwealth Fusion Systems where he is the technical lead for the SPARC plasma facing components.  He has worked on tokamaks around the world, beginning with diagnostics on the Pegasus Toroidal Experiment as an undergrad at University of Wisconsin, continuing as a […]

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Ryan Umstattd Bio

Ryan Umstattd
Fusion Industry Association

Ryan Umstattd earned a PhD in Applied Science (Plasma Physics) from the University of California, Davis, after completing a B.S. in Physics from Santa Clara University.

Prior to joining the Fusion Industry Association as their Director of Tech-to-Market, he served at the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy where he helped prepare breakthrough […]

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