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RegScale Selected as 2022 SINET16 Innovator Award Winner

SINET16 Innovator Awards recognizes the 16 most innovative and compelling emerging cybersecurity companies around the globe. RegScale, a leading continuous compliance automation software company, announced today it has been named a 2022 SINET16 Innovator Award winner.

Forging Ahead with Frontier: Ready to Crush Science

Computational users at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility, or OLCF, are running scientific codes on Frontier’s architecture in the form of a powerful test system at the OLCF called Crusher. Frontier, an HPE Cray EX supercomputer capable of 1018 calculations per second — or 10 with 18 zeroes — was installed in late 2021 and is undergoing integration and testing. Frontier is on track to be the nation’s first exascale supercomputer this year.

CNS Data Centers Launch a New Generation of Power

If you think of our systems, applications, or network as living and breathing beings, the data center is the brain that essentially regulates every function. As a centralized facility tasked with housing and maintaining multiple server racks that store, process, and backup our electronic information, our data centers are vital to daily operations at Pantex and Y-12. The Pantex and Y-12 Data Center Consolidation and Modernization projects are progressively coming to fruition, enhancing the monitoring, power reliability, and cooling infrastructure of our IT systems at both sites. At Y-12, Information Solutions and Services continues to decommission legacy hardware and move it into its new home. Meanwhile, the Power Upgrade Project at the Pantex data center continues to implement additional levels of redundancy and alternate power sources.

Verizon Awarded $34.6M in Digital Modernization Contracts with DOE

Verizon Public Sector has been awarded $34.6 million through two contract awards with DOE. The task orders were awarded through the federal government’s Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contract vehicle. The contracts include voice and data services and will involve a number of DOE facilities.

Darwin on fast forward: ORNL study on COVID-19 earns Gordon Bell Special Prize nomination

Scientists used the nation’s fastest supercomputer to teach an algorithm the language of molecules to search for COVID-19 treatments. “The approach we used to search for promising molecules resembles natural selection in fast forward,” said Andrew Blanchard, one of the study’s authors. “We focused on two aspects: how to generate new molecules and how to score them according to their potential to inhibit the virus.”

Summit at ORNL still No. 2 supercomputer

The Summit supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory remained the fastest system in the United States and the second-most powerful in the world in the biannual TOP500 list. Fugaku in Kobe, Japan, remained No. 1, where it has been since June 2020. The 442-petaflop system has been at the top of the list four consecutive times.

An Exascale Day Interview with the Director of DOE’s Exascale Computing Project

As DOE’s Exascale Computing Project rolls into its sixth year, ECP Director Doug Kothe continues to propel the effort, drawing on the deep well of experience he has filled during three and a half decades of leading programs and building and overseeing highly specialized teams at DOE labs. Just before joining ECP, Kothe was the Deputy Associate Laboratory Director of the Computing and Computational Sciences Directorate at ORNL.

Researchers Reach Quantum Networking Milestone in Real-World Environment

A team from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Stanford University and Purdue University developed and demonstrated a novel, fully functional quantum local area network, or QLAN, to enable real-time adjustments to information shared with geographically isolated systems at ORNL using entangled photons passing through optical fiber.