Boehner Calls for Debt Deal

House Speaker John Boehner and the House Republican Conference met with President Barack Obama at the White House in a session that focused on the debt limit, deficits and job creation.

Man_Carrying_DollarHouse Speaker John Boehner said he doesn’t want to run up against an August deadline for boosting the nation’s debt limit — fearing that it could unnerve Wall Street — but he’s refusing to back away from his calls for major spending cuts in return for a debt deal with the White House.

And Boehner, for the first time, said he wants to raise the limit within one month’s time.

“I just think we’re now in June, this really needs to be done over the next month if we’re serious about no brinksmanship, no rattling investors,” the Ohio Republican told a group of reporters in his Capitol office suite. “But I will reiterate something I’ve said many times before: The biggest risk we face as a country is doing nothing.”

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Source: John Bresnahan and Jake Sherman | POLITICO