Board of Certified Safety Professionals honors UCOR’s Wolfley with Award of Excellence

Source: UCOR | Release | September 16, 2021

The Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) has named UCOR’s Clint Wolfley to receive the organization’s 2021 Safety Trained Supervisor-Construction® (STSC®) Award of Excellence. BCSP is a non-profit organization that has certified more than 100,000 safety professionals during its 50+ year history.

Wolfley, who serves as UCOR’s Safety Systems and Services Manager, has 16 years of experience in the safety, health, and environmental industry. He holds three credentials through BSCP: STSC, Certified Safety Professional® (CSP®), and Construction Health and Safety Technician® (CHST®).

“This award recognizes our efforts to go above and beyond to sustain UCOR’s Culture of Excellence. The STSC program is one of the most valuable initiatives that a safety leader can engage in,” Wolfley said. “Our certified STSC’s at UCOR continually raise the bar for the industry. Because we are involved in such high hazard work, we are always evaluating our tools, our processes, and the protections and controls we have in place for new and better ways to safeguard our workforce and our community.”

In his role at UCOR, Wolfley is responsible for all environmental, occupational safety and health, industrial hygiene, radiological protection, emergency preparedness, safeguards and security, quality assurance, training, and contractor assurance system programs. To date, he has led UCOR to four straight years achieving the Department of Energy’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star of Excellence award and being selected by EHS Today as one of America’s Safest Companies, and has himself been cited as a National Safety Council Rising Star Award.

STSC certification is a key contribution to UCOR’s safety success. In fact, UCOR employs approximately 70 percent of all certified STS/STSC’s in Tennessee.

Before joining UCOR, Wolfley has held several roles with Department of Energy contractors, including as a Senior Manager for Washington River Protection Solutions LLC and a safety and health professional with Washington Closure Hanford LLC, both in Hanford, Washington. He also served as the Manager of Environmental Safety and Health for Sellafield Sites in the United Kingdom.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Boise State University and a Master of Science degree in International Construction/Project Management from the University of Florida.

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