The People In The Room

This is a capture of the pieces sent out on Friday mornings in 2020 when an ETEC Virtual Meeting was not held. These are authored primarily by Jim Campbell, ETEC President. However, guest posts are welcome. To feature your ~500 word article, please email Nicole.


The People in the Room: The Ongoing ETEC Missions

By: Jim Campbell | March 20, 2020
This week I took a refresher training at Y-12 that allows me to continue to have access to that site. Part of the training was to review what to do in light of different kinds of emergencies that could happen. None of the scenarios described talked about pandemics. We are in unchartered territory these days.
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The People in the Room: Wayne Clark

By: Jim Campbell | April 10, 2020
For the last three or four years, an older gentleman came to our Friday morning meetings just to listen. He never mingled much. Just listened. Learned. Wayne Clark is now 97 years old, and he’s struggling. It’s hard on those of us who consider him to be a friend because we can’t go see him…not at the hospital where he’s been admitted several times in the past few weeks, nor at NHC where he is convalescing. I’d like to tell him, remind him perhaps is a better term, that he did good. He lived well.
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The People in the Room: Don & Donna

By: Jim Campbell | May 22, 2020
Don Maxwell and his young family came to Oak Ridge from Aiken, S.C., in the early 1970s at a time when the newly incorporated city of Oak Ridge was stepping up to a whole new series of challenges. The Atomic Energy Commission was shutting down. In its place would be the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and a new strange organization called the Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA). ERDA didn’t last long and became the Department of Energy a few years later. How were ORNL, ORAU, and the gaseous diffusion enterprise going to fit into this new picture? Where was Y-12’s mission delineated in any of the above?
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The People in the Room: Freedom & Oak Ridge

By: Jim Campbell | July 3, 2020
This week I re-read two of our nation’s most sacred documents: the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. They aren’t long, but they say a lot. Recommended reading for all members of ETEC and really everyone. They talk about freedom. Freedom for the people to govern themselves. Freedom to worship how they wanted to worship and to pursue happiness. They talk about equality and justice.
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Oak Ridge’s History Illustrates What America Can Do When We Work Together

By: David Keim | August 5, 2020
Tomorrow is 75 years since Paul Tibbets piloted the B-29 Enola Gay over Hiroshima, Japan, and dropped the first atomic bomb used in war. Uranium for that bomb came from the Y-12 plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, where I worked before moving to Oak Ridge National Lab, which had its own role in the Manhattan Project. Stories exploring the development of nuclear weapons, their devastating use, and their ongoing existence will continue to be published through this 75th anniversary week. Sober reflection and public policy debate are necessary, and I’d encourage you to read and watch stories and commentary of interest to you.
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The People in the Room: Days During the Virus

By: Jim Campbell | September 4, 2020
Labor Day week is usually the last few quiet days of summer before we sprint to the years’ end. This week is different, and it’s been hard on us. Right now, the federal employees and their contractors are finishing out their fiscal year and prepping for FY2021. Most of them are still working remotely. Congress will go back to work next week hopefully putting together a continuing resolution that allows the work here to persist. Politics continue. The 2020 election will be significant.
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