Blackburn Delivered ‘No’ Vote on Budget

“In voting ‘no,’ I want to send a very clear message that only strong, solid measures to cut spending and reconcile debt will pass the House with my vote,” Blackburn said.

Jar_of_CoinsBlackburn, who is not known for showing emotion, delivered a teary-eyed speech in support of the agreement struck by Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). Her presentation was moving, a GOP source in the room said, noting it rallied support for the bill and caused Boehner to shed a tear.

Days later, Blackburn was among 59 Republicans who voted “no” on the fiscal 2011 spending bill.

Blackburn had been a loyal soldier throughout the spending negotiations, previously backing two stopgap measures while dozens of other Republicans defected.

Yet Blackburn turned on the legislation as it came under more scrutiny.

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Source: Milly K. Hooper | The Hill