B&W Y-12 Responds to NNSA’s Show Cause Letter

In the show cause response, B&W Y-12 noted that as the M&O contractor over the past 12 years, the company has significantly exceeded the primary terms and expectations of its contract with NNSA.

Y12_red_LogoOn September 10, 2012, B&W Y-12 provided its response to the National Nuclear Security Administration’s (NNSA) show cause letter regarding concerns at the Y-12 National Security Complex following the July 28 trespassing event. In preparing its response, B&W Y-12 gathered input from WSI-Oak Ridge, which was operating under separate contract to NNSA for the security force at the site when the event occurred.

Although B&W Y-12’s response to the NNSA is not publicly available due to sensitivities related to security, B&W Y-12 President and General Manager Chuck Spencer stated, “The July 28 event brought to light gaps in our maintenance and security operations, and we are using it as a catalyst for a comprehensive and objective examination of all our operations. As a result, a series of extent-of-condition reviews are ongoing throughout Y-12. Specific to our show cause response, we believe we have demonstrated a compelling case for NNSA to continue our contract.”

In its response to the show cause letter, B&W Y-12 noted that NNSA’s decision to appoint B&W Y-12 as the single point of accountability for security gives one contractor sole responsibility for all operations at the Y-12 site. With overall accountability for the combined security function, B&W Y-12 continues to monitor WSI-Oak Ridge’s performance and to assess whether the subcontractor model provides sufficient integration for successful security operations.

As the Y-12 management and operations contractor (M&O), B&W Y-12 has stepped up and assumed the leadership responsibility necessary to make the warranted and integrated changes to prevent any future occurrences.

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Source: B&W Y-12 Public Affairs
Image: B&W Y-12