America’s Top Cities for the Bike Commuter

A nationwide analysis shows that towns where people bike to work are richer, fitter, and more successful in many other ways.

Green_BikeNationally, less than one (0.6) percent of Americans ride their bikes to work. But the share of bike commuters varies quite a bit across metros. Here are the American Community Survey figures for the top 15 metros with the largest shares of bike commuters. (These data cover entire metros; data for core or center cities may be higher.) At the top of the list are Eugene, Oregon, and Fort Collins, Colorado, where more than 5 percent of commuters bike to work. College towns dominate the list—Boulder, Colorado, Madison, Wisconsin, Santa Cruz, California, Iowa City, Iowa, Gainesville, Florida, and State College, Pennsylvania, among others. But bigger metros like Portland, Oregon, Honolulu, Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Jose (Silicon Valley) also rank highly.

All of this raises the question: What is it about these metros and others where cycling to work is more prevalent?

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Source: Richard Florida | The Atlantic