Amentum Supports ETEC’s Young Professionals’ Initiative

Source: ETEC | Release | August 13, 2021

Amentum supports the East Tennessee Economic Council’s young professional program. Pictured from left to right in front of the Postma Young Professional Medal display located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee: David Bradshaw, Pinnacle Financial Partners; Leigha Witt, ORISE; Pat Postma, Community Leader; Mark Whitney, Amentum Nuclear & Environment; Jim Campbell, ETEC; Jim Blankenhorn, Amentum Nuclear & Environment.

Mark Whitney, Senior Vice President of Amentum’s Nuclear and Environmental business unit, and Jim Blankenhorn, Senior VP and Sector Lead, Amentum Nuclear & Environment, this morning presented Pat Postma and other ETEC leaders with a $10,000 contribution to continue ETEC’s efforts to celebrate the work of young professionals in our communities.

The Postma Young Professional Medal was created in 2005 to honor the accomplishments of young professionals who have made an impact and fostered a community culture in our region. Former ORNL Director Herman Postma epitomized this community spirit during his life; and his wife, Pat, continues the tradition of service today through her involvement in the Oak Ridge community.

“We are delighted to support ETEC’s ongoing program of highlighting deserving young professionals in the Oak Ridge area,” said Whitney. “These young professionals foster the culture of service epitomized by Drs. Herman and Pat Postma and we are honored to partner with ETEC to continue with this important recognition for years to come.”

Young people are an important part of the Oak Ridge ecosystem. Many science and engineering careers start at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Y-12 National Security Complex, and the Oak Ridge Environmental Management programs through internships and other early career programs managed in large part by Oak Ridge Associated Universities. Many also engage in educational outreach programs, serve on boards of non-profit organizations, and help build a diverse, innovation ecosystem.

“Every year when we celebrate the Postma Medal winners, I am blown away by the talents they bring to the region,” said Jim Campbell, ETEC president. “When I walk by the Dirt Lab out on the Haw Ridge Greenway, it reminds me of all the passion Brad Spears, who won a Postma medal two years ago, brought to make that happen, all the while starting a company and raising a family. There are so many stories like his, and this gift helps us to continue to tell young professionals’ stories.”

ETEC, in the past, has also sponsored quarterly networking events for young professionals, and encourages its members to get new staff members engaged with the community in whatever way they feel comfortable. When the COVID-19 pandemic passes, it intends to restart those efforts.

ETEC members joining Dr. Postma this morning included Pinnacle Financial Partner’s David Bradshaw, and ORISE’s Leigha Witt, both past winners of the Postma Young Professional Medal. The contribution will be used to create a 10-year supply of medals for future recipients and to expand the display located in the University of Tennessee Outreach Center in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

About the East Tennessee Economic Council – ETEC is an independent, regional, non-profit, membership organization created in the early 1970s, dedicated to supporting the federal government’s missions in East Tennessee, as well as seeking new ways to create prosperity, promote regional development, and explore opportunities for growth.

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