AIP’s Federal Science Budget Tracker – FY 2022

Source: AIP | July 2021

The Federal Science Budget Tracker provides up-to-date information on appropriations proposals and outcomes for physical sciences programs.


The tabs on the web page contain tables, figures, and links to resources detailing federal spending proposals and outcomes for agencies that support the physical sciences. The tabs are updated as new spending proposals and other information become available. Each agency tab has the following information:

FYI Bulletins: For each agency in the budget tracker, FYI writes articles that describe the president’s budget request, compare the House and Senate spending proposals, and analyze the final appropriations legislation. Links are provided to each article in the series.

Appropriation tables: Summary tables with budget figures for major subprograms are included for each agency. More detailed tables are included for selected agencies.

Budget comparison figures: Bar graphs depicting the president’s request, House and Senate proposals, and final appropriations are included for each agency. These graphs are periodically updated as the budget process progresses.

Reference material: Links are provided to key budget documents, committee hearings, markups, and administration statements.