Acronym Guide

Oak Ridge, as a predominately Department of Energy-related community, is rife with acronyms. We hope this list will help you navigate the letters and what they stand for. Be sure to click on the acronym for a link with more information.

AMSE – American Museum of Science & Energy

CNS – Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC

CSC – Office of Science Consolidated Service Center

CROET – Community Reuse Organization of East Tennessee

DOE – Department of Energy

EM – Environmental Management

EMDF – Environmental Management Disposal Facility

ETEC – East Tennessee Economic Council

ERTF – Emergency Response Training Facility

ETTP – East Tennessee Technology Park

IACMI – Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation

K-25 – the original name for Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant, now East Tennessee Technology Park

MDF – Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

MPNHP – Manhattan Project National Historical Park

NEI – Nuclear Energy Institute

NNSA – National Nuclear Security Administration

NPO – NNSA Production Office

NSF – National Science Foundation

ORAU – Oak Ridge Associated Universities

OREM – Oak Ridge Environmental Management

ORETTC – Oak Ridge Enhanced Technology and Training Center

ORISE – Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education

ORNL – Oak Ridge National Laboratory

ORR – Oak Ridge Reservation

OSTI – Office of Scientific and Technical Information

SBIR – Small Business Innovation Research

SC – Office of Science

SNS – Spallation Neutron Source

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

TCAT – Tennessee College of Applied Technology

TVA – Tennessee Valley Authority

TWPC – Transuranic Waste Processing Center

UCOR – URS | CH2M Oak Ridge LLC, now an Amentum-led partnership with Jacobs

UPF – Uranium Processing Facility

UPO – Uranium Processing Facility Project Office

UT – University of Tennessee

X-10 – the original name for Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Y-12 – Y-12 National Security Complex