The Debt Panel Sits on the Verge of Failure

This Congress has a way of stumbling into 11th hour budget deals that nobody seems to like yet still barely pass both chambers.

American_ClockIt’s one week from a drop-dead moment for the supercommittee, and the powerful panel is at risk of failing, adding yet another black mark on what is already the most unpopular Congress in modern history.

There isn’t a shred of bill language circulating publicly and no scent of a bipartisan deal before a Nov. 23 deadline to show the public how a panel granted such sweeping authority is trying to solve America’s great fiscal crisis.

Even worse for Republicans, there seems to be a growing civil war on the right over the idea of tax revenues. Rank-and-file conservatives have always been suspicious of the supercommittee, and they’ve started to go public with their complaints, warning against the tax revenue proposals coming from their own party.

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Source: Jake Sherman and Manu Raju | POLITICO