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Internships In Industry is a program designed to connect high school junior and senior students from Oak Ridge, Anderson County, and Clinton High Schools with businesses and manufacturers in short, easy-to-manage internships.

If you've been to an ETEC meeting recently you may have heard about a new workforce initiative called Internships In Industry (I3). This is an ETEC-led partnership with schools, students, and companies designed to bridge the gap between the classroom and experience through internships.

We encourage you to consider how a high school intern working 15-20 hours a week could help you finish a project or be an extra set of hands for your business. The time blocks are flexible. You can choose 6 weeks, 9 weeks, or a full 18 weeks.

The schools are intentional in placing students in a work-based learning experience that is aligned with their program of study. They will have had coursework related to your field and a teacher will be a point of contact for you.

You can register now for the fall semester. To get first preference, register today. However, applications will be accepted through July 1st.

Please help us spread the word about this program by forwarding this email to others in your network.

Let’s give our future workforce a reason to stay in the area and the experience they need to succeed.

Thank you for helping ETEC grow and sustain our future workforce!

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